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                For Adults - Internal Medicine Specialist



                          Cardiac Risk Evaluation

                          Family risk and lifestyle   

                          Blood pressure Evaluation - 24 hr. blood pressure monitoring

                          Cholesterol measurement and risk profiling                                    

                          In office electrocardiogram - ECG 

                          ECG 24 hr. Holter monitoring         

                          Stress Treadmill Testing


                          Upper respiratory complaints

                          Ears - Nose - Throat- Sinus

                          Lower respiratory complaints

                          Bronchitis - Pneumonia - Asthma


                          G.I. Abdominal Complaints                         

                          Abdominal Pain -                                     
                          Evaluation procedures  :

                          Ultrasound - X-Ray - Gastroscopy - Colonoscopy Screening


                          Stress-Related Disorders                          

                          Anxiety - Depression - Insomnia


                          Dermatology - Allergy - Acne


                          Minor skin biospy - Cryosurgery                                       


                          Minor Sports Injury Care


                          Musculoskeletal trauma - contusions - sprains
 Neck - low back - knee - hand injuries

                                 X-Ray MRI Ultrasound evaluation       


                          Wound and burn evaluation

                          Lacerations  - Emergency suture repair

                                 1° and 2° Burn care and follow-up 



                           Evidence - based Cancer Screening

                    Pap smear testing - HPV risk

                            Skin, lung, stomach, liver, colon



                       Travel Medicine **


                              The current website worldwide requirements and updates are available for travellers

                               based on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, USA, and the World       

                         Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland.

                           At the time of your vaccinations you will be given the Yellow WHO 

                         International vaccination card to keep for your records.



                              Tetanus Diptheria, Polio, Hepatitis A/B, are routinely kept in the office. 

                        Anti-rabies, is available. Yellow Fever is administered at the Italian Public Health clinic.

                        Malaria prophylaxis will be discussed as well as precautions concerning traveler's diarrhea

                              and other contagious diseases



                  ** In addition: Travellers going to the desert will be briefed on health hazards: 

                          sun exposure as well as dehydration. Those heading to the Himalayas and high  

                          mountainous elevations will be instructed concerning High Altitude Mountain Sickness

                          due to decreased oxygen.







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